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Unconnect for Better Quality of Life!

Thanks to social media, a day after birthday is also exciting. I had hundreds of birthday wishes and comments which I had to read and reply. I was really excited to see comments from people whom I never thought think about me. While going through the list of my well wishers, I noticed that one […]

Germany, have I met you before?

Last month I got to spend 1 week in Germany for the first time. There was no time for sightseeing, no time to relax in cafes or explore the bylanes of the city. Lot of client meetings lined up for which I was criss-crossing the country in public transport. On one particular day I had […]

What gives flavor to a city?

As a part of my job I have the pain and privilege of traveling to different cities. I have noticed that each city has its own character. When you visit the city repeatedly you start noticing it even if you don’t understand the language, directions or the signboards. I used to live in Bangalore, this […]

Difference between Facebook and WhatsApp

Coincidentally, in last few days I had a few conversations with a group of friends about which mode of communication to use Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp or stick to e-groups on Yahoo which do just fine. All the discussions were among friends who were born in 197X. We started off our lives with extremely limited communication […]

Why should AAP’s win should matter to all Indians?

We had watched this in movies like Yuva. A bunch of college kids decide to contest for an election. Work dedicatedly, in a team, fight all odds including assassination attempts and emerge victorious in elections. Like all superhero movies, we shunned it off as a story with no real life implication. “It only happens in […]

Why do Indians love Sachin Tendulkar?

I watched his farewell speech with moist eyes. Sachin Tendulkar was a phenomenon for Indians.He achieved milestones in cricket that one would have never imagined. No wonder his retirement from cricket was a national event. I was quite emotional. I liked all those Facebook messages from my friends who said they have started feeling a […]